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Registration & Ticketing

Supports you by managing the whole registration & ticketing process of your event with a secure system and establish a proper customer database.

Exhibitor App

Supports your exhibitors in getting the right information from their potential customers and by converting leads to sales.

Exhibitor Portal

Manages the whole confirmation and order process of your event via one communication channel.

Visitor App

Supports your visitors by reaching out the attendees' information. Your visitors can also expand their network by adding the contact information of the new people they met.


Brings your exhibitors with the right people together with whom they can establish long term business partnerships.

Access Control Systems

With Access Control System you have all entry-exit points and the steps you want to follow up at the event area under control. Control systems work with turnstiles and smart hand-held terminals.

Access ControlOne Stop Shopping

Turnstile Systems

EG softwares are easily integrated with diverse turnstile types such as card, fingerprint reader and provide high level access control.

Registration and Visitor Management

The software which is integrated with card access systems software is mostly used in areas where there is heavy visitor traffic. All transactions made via the system can be followed-up easily.

Parking Barrier Systems

It provides security and access control in parking areas. It can be used integrated with fingerprint, face scan or card access control systems.

Card Access Systems

It has detailed authorization and AntiPassBack feature. Any activity on any door can be monitored at any time. Remote control of all access points is possible.

Shift Management

It is used for tracking employee's entry-exit times. By defining the entry and exit times of the employees, system alarms are generated in non-shift input requests.

Integrated Solutions

All Event Gates’ softwares are integrated with lighting, elevator, CCTV, burglar and fire alarm systems.

Mobile Access Systems

It is used in areas where turnstiles and doors are not used. Compatible with different types of hand-held terminals. It is preferred as the second control at events where security must be kept at a high level.

Patrol Management

EG Suite Server Patrol module provides means to define patrol routes and shifts, run those with Ghost connected readers and watch with EG Monapp.

Print Technologies

Event Gates works with the most accurate printing materials required for the event and avoids possible errors and losses.