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Starting a blog

Running a blog is not easy. I had my first blog back in the 2000’s when I was a visiting instructor in GSU computer engineering department teaching object oriented design. I started that blog for sharing materials and I liked the feeling of writing freely. I blogging journey continued with breaks (and sometimes quite longer breaks) but I kept blogging alas always in my mother tongue. My personal blog is still online under my very own alias www.kozsu.com.

Now I face a different challenge. Here at Event Gates we are developing quite a few stuff and we need to disclose further details of our research and development efforts. But company web site is not the best place to display work in progress, personal blog, well it’s personal, social media is not reaching out and well I have to admit that our SEO adviser suggests to do it inside eventgates.com boundaries to drive traffic.

To make her happy I will regularly share our work; sometimes R&D, product development and project and marketing activities for the rest of the time. I hope you’ll enjoy it. In fact I got lot’s of stuff to share but NDA’s lock me down most of the time.

Feel free to respond.

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