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VIS 1.6 published

We have just published Version 1.6 of VIS, Event Gates’ machine vision solution VIS and VISOR, our monitoring application for VIS. MobileNetv2 SSD detector support has also been added in this solution, in which person counting features are integrated into the main product.

VIS has long been supporting the features of person detection, area and border violations with different models, but the feature of counting in / out people from multiple cameras has become a required feature with the pandemic. In the early days of the pandemic, we completed the R&D and testing processes of the person counting feature and presented it to our business partners for individual evaluations.

In the following process, the product integration of the features was completed, after the tests, it was released with version 1.6. As always, the update will be available to all users with a valid maintenance agreement.

Details about the update can be viewed at https://releasedbits.eventgates.com/vis.

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