Visitor App

Visitor AppOne Stop Shopping

Event Info

Access to all the event information.


The event organizer can send notification messages to the exhibitors.

Exhibitor List

All the exhibitors can be displayed on the floor plan.

Exhibitors by Product Groups

All the exhibitors can be listed by product groups.

Mobile Badge

Access to mobile badge.

Mobile Research

Visitor Research about the event.

Interactive Floor Plan

Road map to the target point will be drawn by marking the current location.

Event Plan

Access to conferences and meetings information.

Mobile Treasure Hunt

Visitors can visit the whole event area in an entertaining way through the QR Codes placed in different areas.

Micro Networking

Performs the information flow into the system by scanning the QR Code on the name tag.


The meeting can be organized via the application. (only by events, at which Matchmaking is used)

IOS & Android

Compatible with IOS & Android.

Supports your visitors by reaching out the attendees’ information. Your visitors can also expand their network by adding the contact information of the new people they met.

With that application which is compatible with IOS and Android the customers can access all the data via their smart phones. By events, at which matchmaking application is used, the meetings can be organized via Visitor App. Visitor Researchs supports you by organizing next events.

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