Agile video analytics tool for security

Event Gates VISOR

Event Gates Visor is a security-focused agile video analytics software. It processes streaming data from CCTV and USB cameras in real time and evaluates according to defined profiles, especially face recognition, and generates audible and visual alarms. It reflects warnings and alarms on monitoring screens.

Integration with Event Gates Ghost II access control panel provides access control with face recognition. Thanks to its distributed architecture, any number of cameras can be connected and the images can be shared on multiple monitoring screens. Visor can be hosted on cloud and premise.

  • Face Recognition

    Visor provides superior face recognition on all cameras. Faces recorded only once on central database are scanned on images obtained from all cameras, displayed on Visor screens and logged with witness image. Our face recognition algorithms based on deep learning techniques work with 99.3% success rate and are supported by analytical methods.
  • IP and USB Cameras

    Visor works with any IP and USB camera having RTSP streaming capability. Thanks to it's advanced camera adding wizard you can easily add existing cameras and adjust settings. You can rotate the camera feed if necessary.
  • Profiles, Alarms, Log Records

    Various alarms and recordings can be created for persons and objects detected during monitoring. According to definable time intervals, first seen, last seen and night watch profiles can be formed. Face recognition instances are logged regularly on definable time range. Night watch creates records for all faces that are detected, recognized or unrecognized within the defined time interval for each day. All Visor logs are recorded with witness images of recognition, and are viewed on the recordings tab.
  • Integrated Access Control

    Visor face recognition provides access control integrated with Event Gates Ghost II access control panel. Access control can be achieved with images obtained with IP and USB cameras and with a turnstile, electric or magnetic lock. Distance control for turnstile passes can be adjusted via the system.
  • Hosting Options

    For users who prefer features such as reliable cloud data storage and anywhere access Visor is available on Cloud. There is also the option to install a system that is completely inaccessible on local premises. Due to image size and process time, image processing is always delivered on the edge.

Liveness Check with LiveCam

Spoofing is a great risk especially for access control when face control systems can be fooled with face images on smart phone screens or pictures. Event Gates LiveCam has integrated liveness check feature that prevents smart phone and paper printed images to be recognized as live faces.

LiveCam cameras support 2MP, 5MP, bullet and dome PoE IP and 2MP FullHD autofocus USB.

Integrated Access Control

Visor face recognition using IP and USB cameras provides access control integrated with Event Gates Ghost access control panel. All access permissions are controlled and authorized by Ghost. Transition requests are recorded with witness images. Ghost supports turnstiles, electric and magnetic locks.


Visor is hardware-independent software that can work with standard hardware. It can work with Microsoft Windows 10 and many Linux distributions. Although the hardware requirements vary according to the number of cameras and profile settings, it is recommended to use GPU supported graphics cards for high performance installations.

We recommend VISBOX to our customers who want to obtain the ideal hardware options with optimized Linux operating system direclty from the source. VISBOX hardware powered by Linux operating system optimized for Visor GPU supported by Event Gates engineers comes with different configurations on 3U and 4U options.

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