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For AI powered crane safety solutions

Event Gates Visor Crane Safety

Our custom crane model trained with deep learning detects people near to the load via cameras mounted on the crane. When someone is detected system alerts with loud horn and decreases the speed of the crane with PLC integration.

  • Safety zones

    In order to raise different alerts based on the distance between load and detected persons you can define multiple safety zones which for example allows to sound loud alarms for far zones and slows down the crane to minimum for near zone violations.
  • Profiles, Alarms, Log Records

    Crane safety solution employs an IO card to communicate with the crane to take precautions when violations are detected. This feature makes sure alerts are only handled when the crane is on load. Same IO card also helps the system know the crane is on load and record violations for future reference.
  • Confidence and Short Term Memory

    We know how false alarms can be annoying. In order to prevent negative effects on the intensive workload we have developed features that can adapt the working environment. Short term memory (STM) eliminates false alarms by making sure only if violations are detected on several consucutive frames and confidence settings allows you fine tune people detection capabilities.

Advanced artificial intelligence

Our original crane model trained with deep learning techniques, is highly preferred by the automotive main industry as the most modern safety solution used for crane safety.

Solutions for robotic press lines

Video analytics are best choice for body detection in robotik environments like press lines and alike where countermeasures like movement sensors or light grids are inherently useless. Visor OSH differentiates between robotic arms and other moving parts to offer high level of safety without false alarms.


We recommend VISBOX to our customers who want to obtain the ideal hardware options with optimized Linux operating system direclty from the source. VISBOX hardware powered by Linux operating system optimized for Visor GPU supported by Event Gates engineers comes with different configurations on 3U and 4U options.

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