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Exhibitor App

Exhibitor AppOne Stop Shopping

Mobile Application

Download the Exhibitor App to your smart phone which is compatible with IOS and Android.

Fast and Safe Information Flow

Performs the information flow into the system by scanning the QR Code on the name tag.

Product Tree

Choose the products, in which the customer is interested from the product tree.

Channel Management

Decide how to contact your customer.


You can manage all processes online and offline.


Take some notes about the meeting.

Pay What You Use

Payment according to the scanned QR Codes.

Admin Authorization

Admin User has access to all information, which is entered during the event.

Supports your exhibitors in getting the right information from their potential customers and by converting leads to sales.

With that application which is compatible with IOS and Android you can put the data of the people, you interviewed; the products, they are interested in; the communication channel, which will be used by contacting the customers into the system. The Admin user has access to all the meeting information which is entered during the event and can make the follow-up.

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