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Suite Server is the server where transactions such as access control, accreditation, ticketing, reporting are managed and where the whole data is stored.

Registration systemWith its different registration type structure, required types can be created, different transition rules can be defined and tracked. All records such as members, visitors, personnel etc. can be tracked in the same environment.

Optionally, a password can be defined so that the records can benefit from the system features.

For each record, any number of images (portrait, business card, transition camera record etc.) can be stored.
Access control systemZone) and gate definitions, detailed authorization (Access number, interval, repeating intervals), first and last card usage dates, ability to define different access tools for the same record (proximity, biometric, QR, digital, mobile), global anti-passback, encrypted access, route-dependent access, escorted access.
Anti-fraudThe record information on the Event Gates’ cards are kept encrypted, to avoid card fraud.
Integrated survey systemQuestionnaires with complex structure can be created for user defined fields. Question types can be defined as multiple choice, free text type, mandatory or optional.
SecurityLogin with username and password. Self-service management portal for users to reset their own passwords. Log records in all security processes.
Multilanguage supportMulti-language support at the system data and metadata level. Standard English and Turkish support.
ReportingFlexible reporting interface via browser based portal. Transfer or copy all reports to external media such as xls and pdf.
LoggingAll transactions made on the system are logged as traceable. The user, who requested the action can be detected.
System architectureData layer: Relational database
Middle tier: RESTful web services
User panel: Web application (Portal)
Admin panel: Windows application (EGMT)