Video analytics for workplace safety

Event Gates VISOR OSH

Event Gates Visor OSH monitors 24/7 to detect threats for workplace safety. It detects risks as soon as they occur and responds immediately to prevent accidents from happening. Built on AI and computer vision Visor OSH is customized for workplace safety and enhanced for specific needs of this profile.

For violation detection it may use existing models or benefit from custom trained models. Integration via IO cards and PLC allows fast response to be transferred into action

  • Multi-zone definitions

    Multiple zones allow to define different alerts for violations in varying distances.
  • Integration

    Integration with IO cards and EtherNet/IP allows two ways communication of devices.
  • Camera validation

    Camera angle and feed quality are constantly checked and alerts raised for anomalies.
  • Standard Visor Features

    OSH version supports all standard Visor for Security features.
  • IP and USB Cameras

    Visor works with any IP and USB camera having RTSP streaming capability. Thanks to it's advanced camera adding wizard you can easily add existing cameras and adjust settings. You can rotate the camera feed if necessary.

Crane safety

Our custom crane model trained with deep learning detects people near to the load via cameras mounted on the crane. When someone is detected system alerts with loud horn and decreases the speed of the crane with PLC integration.

Press lines

Video analytics are best choice for body detection in robotik environments like press lines and alike where countermeasures like movement sensors or light grids are inherently useless. Visor OSH differentiates between robotic arms and other moving parts to offer high level of safety without false alarms.


We recommend VISBOX to our customers who want to obtain the ideal hardware options with optimized Linux operating system direclty from the source. VISBOX hardware powered by Linux operating system optimized for Visor GPU supported by Event Gates engineers comes with different configurations on 3U and 4U options.

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