Artificial intelligence safety system for overhead cranes used to carry heavy loads. Safety system processes images obtained from the cameras mounted on the crane trolley in real time, restricts the movements of the crane by activating the violation rules in case of detection of people around the load.

MESS Safety Competition2021 MESS Safety Competition Digital HSE Finalist


This safety system, which is also called camera safety system for cranes due to the use of images obtained from cameras, works with artificial intelligence deep learning object recognition algorithms.

Thanks to the original data set, all produced by Event Gates, and the machine vision model trained with deep learning techniques, human detection can be made in the images obtained from the cameras facing the ground from a high angle.

System Attributes

Here’s all you need to know about Event Gates Visor Crane Safety solution system features.

The crane safety solution based on artificial intelligence monitors all movements of the load thanks to the cameras in the crane trolley and eliminates the risks by intervening in the crane within the framework of defined rules in case there are people around.

For which loads is it suitable

Event Gates Visor Crane Safety System provides benefits in the safe transportation of risky, heavy and bulky loads:

  • automotive body stamping dyes
  • sheet/aluminum coils
  • injection molds
  • steel bars and pipes

What kind of risks does it prevent

Although different loads have their own transport risks, you can control the following risks with the Event Gates Visor Crane Safety System:

  • During the lifting of heavy loads, there may be oscillation due to the loose attachment of the slings. In the meantime, if there are people around the load, the risk of oscillation is eliminated by preventing the lifting of the load.
  • If the load is lowered to an unsuitable ground, it may slip, fall and overturn different loads around it. The safe distance of the people around, including the operator, prevents the risk of jamming.
  • Keeping the people around at a safe distance from the load against the risk of the sling breaking off during transportation or falling of parts from the load reduces the risk of impact.

Is PLC necessary

It is not mandatory for your crane to be PLC controlled. In cranes without PLC control, Visor is directly connected to the load cell and receives weight information and controls all safety rules with its own software.

Is load cell necessary

Crane safety rules apply only when the crane is on load. When the crane is not carrying a load, there is no need to slow down the crane by forcing the safety rules.

For the information that the crane is on load, a load cell or a sensor that will fulfill this task is needed. Event Gates Visor Crane Safety System should take the information that the crane is under load as an input.

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