About Us

At Event Gates, we’re dedicated to pioneering the future of manufacturing safety and quality through the power of artificial intelligence. Our mission is to create safer workplaces for employees and deliver superior products to consumers.

Our Vision

We envision factories where the limitations of manual visual control are a thing of the past. In the future, every manufacturing process will be seamlessly automated, removing the risk of human error and ensuring the highest level of precision. Our vision is a world where AI replaces manual visual inspection, transforming the manufacturing landscape and setting new standards in industry practices.

AI-Powered Solutions

Our journey began with this vision. We develop advanced AI products that revolutionize safety and quality assurance. By automating processes that were once reliant on manual visual inspection, we are paving the way for a new era of efficiency and reliability in manufacturing.

Safety First

Safety remains at the core of our vision. Our AI-driven solutions are engineered to identify and mitigate potential hazards automatically. Through automation, we create workplaces where every employee can work with peace of mind, confident in the knowledge that safety is our paramount concern.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality assurance goes hand in hand with automation. Our AI systems meticulously inspect and control every step of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that the products we deliver are consistently of the highest quality. Our vision is to redefine quality standards and exceed consumer expectations.

Our Promise

Event Gates is not just a company; it’s a promise to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape. Our commitment to automation is your assurance of a safer, more efficient future. We stand ready to support your journey to automation, fostering trust among your workforce and customers alike.

Safety AI
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