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Robotic Cells Safety AI

Introducing Robotic Cells Safety AI, a game-changing solution that redefines industrial safety. Addressing structural complexities and reset vulnerabilities, this advanced AI system sets
new standards in safeguarding human workers and robotic environments. Robotic Cells Safety AI marks a paradigm shift in industrial safety measures.

Risk Assessment

Structural issues in cells

Whether it’s the positioning of fixtures or the installation of substantial material intakes, certain cell placements present a challenge in achieving complete enclosure of their surroundings. In such instances, ensuring the cell’s safety demands an uninterrupted monitoring solution capable of distinguishing humans from other moving objects.

Resetting with a person in the cell

Irrespective of the level of security in place, a cell that can be reset from the outside while occupied by individuals remains inherently unsafe. Unlike conventional motion-sensitive systems that deactivate during a reset, our artificial intelligence retains its functionality. Our AI possesses the capability to identify human presence and operates continuously even when the robot is in motion, ensuring constant monitoring and safety of the cell.

System Features

DL Model optimized for robots

In environments where industrial robots operate, a notable issue arises with open source object recognition models, as they frequently misidentify robots as humans. Event Gates Robotic Cells Safety AI tackles this challenge through the implementation of a meticulously trained deep learning model. This model is
tailored specifically with an extensive dataset of industrial robots, effectively mitigating the problem of misclassification.


With the proficiency to differentiate between individuals and other objects through artificial intelligence, Event Gates Safety AI eliminates the necessity for pre-motion deactivation, as seen in traditional systems. This advanced system sustains uninterrupted monitoring and remains unaffected by the movements of items like robot arms and fixtures.

MESS Safety Competition

2021 MESS Safety Competition Digital HSE Finalist

Use Cases

Machine Safety

Setting new standards for functional safety with AI

In machine safety scenarios where traditional safety measures such as light curtains and area scanners are not the preferred choice, Event Gates Safety AI offers a robust solution. Thanks to its custom-built industrial deep learning model, Safety AI is capable of accurately differentiating between objects, including individuals, making it impervious to movement. This unique capability enables Safety AI to operate concurrently with the machine, whereas conventional motion-activated area scanners need to be deactivated.

Event Gates Safety AI seamlessly integrates with machines through PLC or dry contacts using an IO card. It offers the flexibility to create custom use-cases, leveraging its built-in tracking and counting features. Furthermore, it allows for the development and deployment of custom deep learning models to detect project-specific objects.

Press Lines

Ultimate safety for robotic tandem lines

Robotic tandem cells are quite complex structures hard to protect with conventional safety measures like light curtains and area scanners. You have to make sure that no one is inside the cell when resetting the line or you just rely on Event Gates Safety AI for robotic tandem lines which is capable monitoring the whole line even while it is running because our AI is capable of distinguishing persons and other moving objects and can stop the line immediately when it sees a person inside a cell.

For a safe and efficient operation you need a solution that’s always on, which doesn’t need to be turned off after start because it is immune to movement but also that’s accurate to profoundly distinguish persons from robot arms. Event Gates Safety AI for use in robotic tandem presses offer a very robust DL model specifically trained for purpose.

Rotating Equipment

Immune to motion

Rotating equipment equipped with mills or wheels, such as conveyors, wrappers, or coilers, inherently pose risks for operators working in their vicinity. Conventional safety components are designed to detect human presence, stopping the machine or preventing it from restarting. However, their motion sensitivity can create blind spots or require these safety tools to be deactivated during machine operation.

When Event Gates Safety AI is in control, it provides continuous surveillance within the work area. It doesn’t just monitor the area but also operates while the machine is running. Whenever it detects a human presence, Safety AI promptly alerts the machine and takes predefined actions to prevent potential harm. Event Gates Safety AI is widely employed in various applications, including conveyors handling aluminum coils and sheet metal packs, steel and aluminum coilers, or package wrappers.

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