Safety AI
Safety AI

In the dynamic realm of logistics, safety stands as a paramount concern. In this vibrant environment where pedestrians and vehicles coexist, risks loom large: collisions, crush incidents, and falling objects. Introducing Event Gates Logistics Safety Al, a revolutionary solution designed to mitigate these challenges: Discover its pivotal role in risk assessment, its intelligent deceleration feature to prevent accidents, and its robust monitoring of protective equipment.

Risk Assessment

Collision and crush

Among serious workplace accidents, forklift collisions and jamming incidents take a prominent position. In settings where pedestrians and vehicles coexist without complete segregation, the speed and maneuverability of the vehicles inherently pose a significant risk factor.

Falling objects

Be it on a shelf or within a vehicle, the logistics environment carries a persistent threat of load overturning. In tandem with meticulous adherence to proper loading protocols, it is imperative to enforce the comprehensive use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and restrict the presence of third parties within the loading area during both loading and unloading processes.

System Features


Upon detecting a potential risk as a vehicle approaches a pedestrian, the system triggers and initiates a deceleration of the vehicle. Notably, Event Gates Logistics Safety Al eliminates the necessity for pedestrians to carry supplementary items like cards; instead, proximity is determined through camera image analysis. This risk assessment hinges on distance metrics, while in scenarios featuring multiple hazards such as intersections, loading zones, or handling areas, the system can also adopt area-specific definitions to ensure comprehensive convergence.

The Event Gates Logistics Safety Al employs advanced proprietary deep learning models to ensure comprehensive safety throughout the monitoring of protective gear such as truck curtains, and chocks alongside personal protective equipment (PPE) like helmets and hi-vis vests. In conjunction with audio and flash alarms, violations are logged with video and optionally communicated through email notifications for record-keeping purposes.

Monitoring protective gear

Safety Competition

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Use Cases

High Rack Corridors

Navigating High Rack Corridors: Mitigating Collision and Falling Object Risks

High rack corridors, with their towering shelves and narrow pathways, harbor concealed dangers at every turn. The ever-present risks of collisions and falling objects pose a substantial threat, putting personnel safety on the line. Enter Event Gates Logistics Safety AI, the ultimate solution for conquering these high-risk environments. Our advanced system excels at detecting risky vehicle-person encounters, orchestrating intelligent deceleration, and providing real-time monitoring. Additionally, it issues vital warnings to employees not wearing helmets, ensuring the safety of your high rack corridors, effectively mitigating collision risks, and providing a critical safeguard against injury from falling objects.

Event Gates Logistics Safety AI’s capabilities extend to identifying various elements within your logistics operation, from order pickers, forklifts, and reach trucks to individuals and crucial protective equipment such as helmets and hi-vis vests. It’s the watchful eye that spots risks like climbing, passing from vehicle to rack, and two operators in a single vehicle, all while seamlessly coordinating alarms according to your system’s specific requirements.

Loading Docks

Enhancing Loading Dock Safety with Logistics Safety AI

Loading docks are dynamic environments where the convergence of trucks, forklifts, and personnel poses inherent risks. Event Gates Logistics Safety AI is your definitive solution for mitigating these risks head-on. With its advanced capabilities, our system excels at detecting maneuvering trucks in proximity to persons and forklifts. It ensures that loading docks are clear and secure when a truck is approaching, reducing the risk of accidents during the critical docking process. 

Logistics Safety AI can easily be integrated with automatic vehicle restraint systems and other obstacles that prevent unintended truck movements. An optional display reflects ramp status while dock entrance is secured. By orchestrating seamless coordination among vehicles, equipment and personnel, Logistics Safety AI transforms your loading docks into safer, more efficient hubs of operation, safeguarding against truck docking and forklift accidents with unparalleled precision.

Side-loading Bays

Elevating Safety Standards at Side-loading Bays

Sideloading bays present unique challenges in logistics, where the precise coordination of vehicles, equipment, and personnel is essential. Logistics Safety AI extends its watchful eye to sideloading bays, ensuring safety with unparalleled vigilance. Our advanced system excels at monitoring these dynamic environments, detecting the movement of trucks, forklifts, and individuals in close proximity. By providing real-time insights and intelligent alerts, Logistics Safety AI helps prevent accidents, reduces the risk of collisions, elevating safety protocols to new heights at side-loading bays.

The object detection capabilities of Event Gates Logistics Safety AI transcend the ordinary, encompassing not only forklifts, personnel, and standard personal protective equipment (PPE) but also the identification of chocks and truck curtains. This comprehensive approach prevents vehicles from moving with open curtains, thereby minimizing the risk of goods falling out of the truck. Trust us to transform these intricate spaces into zones of uncompromised safety and unwavering operational efficiency.

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