Quality AI
Anomaly Detector
Anomaly Detector
Anomalies Detected with Minimal Training

With a deep learning model trained on a small set of correct examples, our anomaly detection algorithm is adept at pinpointing discrepancies. Even in situations where the variety of defects is wide and the quantity of faulty samples for training is limited, our method, utilizing only correct samples, delivers a visual inspection solution unparalleled by other techniques.

Precision with Visual Guidance

Our Quality AI Anomaly Detector algorithms don’t stop at just finding incompatibilities; they go the extra mile by visually guiding the operator to the exact location of the anomaly within the image. It’s like having an expert inspector by your side. You have the option to record every control step or focus on violations, accompanied by witness images for reference.

End-to-End Control

Anomaly Detector offers an all-in-one software solution, allowing you to manage the entire process, from model training to inference, on a single graphics processor. There is no need for separate hardware or cloud accounts for training. Just like other Event Gates Quality AI products, you can procure all the necessary hardware from a single source, establishing a seamless, integrated solution.

Ready to Use and Customizable

Quality AI Anomaly Detector is ready for action. You can train the model by simply loading your own accurate samples and commence visual inspection immediately. Alternatively, our customizable interpreter mechanism lets you tailor the process and outputs to align perfectly with your unique needs.

Experience precision, efficiency, and control like never before with Event Gates Quality AI Anomaly Detector. Your path to impeccable quality control starts here.

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