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Tandem Press Safety AI

Operating tandem presses with large tables poses significant risks for operators who might find themselves in the blind spots between light curtains. Event Gates Tandem Press Safety Al offers highest safety without impacting production cycle and setup times.

Risk Assessment

Presses With Large Tables

Operating tandem presses with large tables poses significant risks for operators who might find themselves in the blind spots between light curtains. Addressing this challenge requires innovative solutions that doesn’t need setup in every die change and must be fast not to slow down production.

Blind Spot Behind Die

Similar to light curtains, potential blind spots behind sizable dies present a hazard to operators who are required to interact with the die or its components during operations. This risk stemming from the mold’s dimensions can be effectively mitigated by implementing a two-camera system that captures views from opposing sides.

System Features

Blazing Fast Response Time

In a manual tandem press operating at a frequency of 4-5 strokes per minute, a mere 1-second addition to the cycle time results in a significant 40-minute shift delay. Event Gates’ artificial intelligence, operating at a comparable speed of an electronic solution, delivers advanced security measures while maintaining the regular production flow, thanks to its sub-second response time.

No Need To Setup

With its Al powered capabilities, the system detects individuals within the designated area, eliminating the necessity for setup after die changes. This functionality remains effective across all dies, using the configuration established during the initial commissioning phase. For enhanced safety in larger molds, the utilization of a pair of cameras positioned opposite each other is strongly recommended.

MESS Safety Competition

2021 MESS Safety Competition Digital HSE Finalist

Use Cases

Manual Tandem Presses

Best safety solutions for large table presses

Manual tandem press operations pose significant safety risks especially when press tables are large enough for a person to fit inside the press without crossing light curtains. In such cases all remaining safety measures rely on operators not to press the start button. Event Gates Tandem Press Safety AI offers enhanced safety for large table presses that leaves no blind spot.

Another aspect of the manual tandem press operation is the speed. A regular tandem press with two or three operators is expected to run at a speed of four to five strokes per minute. A safety measure that would add only one second to this operation would slow down the entire process 6 to 8% adding around 40 minutes to the shift which is a significant burden. With its blazing fast response time Tandem Press Safety AI delivers advanced safety measures without affecting the cycle time. 

Transfer Press Safety

Prevent accidents by avoiding operator errors

Transfer presses are considered to be inherently safe for their completely closed body but there is a major risk to be considered: the system can be started while there is still an operator inside the press but not crossing any of the light curtains. In such a case body curtains will close down while scrap holes open. This sudden movement may easily make the operator inside panic and lose their stability who eventually may fall to the scrap hole. 

Using Event Gates Safety AI in transfer presses ensures to avoid a reset if somebody is inside the press cell. As long as there is a person, custom built Safety AI object detection algorithms avoid transfer press from starting including closing the curtains and opening scrap holes. 

Robotic Tandem Lines

Ultimate safety for robotic tandem lines

Robotic tandem cells are quite complex structures hard to protect with conventional safety measures like light curtains and area scanners. You have to make sure that no one is inside the cell when resetting the line or you just rely on Event Gates Safety AI for robotic tandem lines which is capable monitoring the whole line even while it is running because our AI is capable of distinguishing persons and other moving objects and can stop the line immediately when it sees a person inside a cell.

For a safe and efficient operation you need a solution that’s always on, which doesn’t need to be turned off after start because it is immune to movement but also that’s accurate to profoundly distinguish persons from robot arms. Event Gates Safety AI for use in robotic tandem presses offer a very robust DL model specifically trained for purpose.

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